5 steps to create a successful E-commerce business

Business and economic trends in general have shown that online shopping is becoming more and more a part of everyday life.  In fact, while the numbers may be disputed, an estimated 14% of all retail purchasing in 2019 was done online and at the time it was estimated that by 2023 that statistic would rise to 22%. (OptinMonster)  In addition to this, the natural crisis revolving around the current pandemic has forced many consumers to do their business online, meaning online retailers and E-commerce businesses are making even more profit than ever.  E-commerce is on the rise and here is how you can get started.

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The most important step to starting an E-commerce business is finding a product or service which is marketable and in some amount of demand.  While this is often considered the hardest stem to starting any sort of business, it can be made easier through various strategies.  A common misconception when going through this process is that one must find a new product that has never been seen.  While this would be great, it isn’t by any means a necessity.  Finding a new way to do something or a way to do something in a better or more efficient manner are all important.  Branding, advertising, and making your good/service unique are all good ways to complete this vital step.  

The next vital step, once coming up with a product is evaluating the idea.  This means that the individual will need to research the current supply and demand trends to find out if their product will sell.  There are various quick ways that someone can go about validating their product idea; one such idea would be to make some initial sales and see how well the consumers appreciate the good or service they received and whether they will come back for more.  While doing your evaluation it will be important to research the demand and competition in the market.  Some amount of competition in a market can often be demoralizing, but it’s actually a good sign, because it signals that there is demand in that area of the market.  

Another important aspect to figuring out whether or not a product is viable, is if that product has a potential buyer and whether or not that buyer can purchase locally or not.  If the seller does not have means to communicate with potential buyers that they might be unaware of because of language barriers or other problems, a very good product could fail on the market place.  This is why companies such as “The Chinese Suppliers”  are so important for a functioning, smooth flowing E-commerce business.  These companies pair suppliers up with potential buyers which would never have found one another because of cultural, political, or language barriers.  If the product or service is more popular in another part of the world these companies are vital for the longevity of the E-commerce company.  

Once someone has found out that there is adequate demand available and they have a method to contact their buyer, the process of figuring out how to manufacture the product is important.  There are a few options when it comes to this step.  One can make the product themselves, hire a manufacturing company or factory, buy wholesale if their product is already available on the market, or through a dropship.   

After you have chosen your method of producing your product, you must begin to build up a brand for this new company.  This step is extremely important for every E-commerce business as it will set the business apart from other competitors. Creating a brand for the company will involve several steps, one of which will be creating your own website.  Having your own website is extremely valuable when it comes to an E-commerce business because this is where consumers will access your store and purchasing area.  The next important step is creating a logo and company name.  The company name should be something catchy, concise and relatively descriptive.  The logo should be memorable and politically neutral; you don’t want to turn any customers away, business is business.   

Creating an E-commerce business is no easy task and the steps listed here are easier said than done, which is why some of the other articles which are posted on this site will provide more specific details on how to go about doing each of these steps, and the pros and cons of the various options you will have when going through the process of creating an E-commerce website.

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